Bixby Store Now Open!!!

With a Drive Thru!

11845 S. Memorial, Bixby, OK


CALL: (877) 595-2833
8751 North 117th East Avenue, Suite F
Owasso, OK 74055-2098


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Palm Beach Vapors is located in Owasso, OK and Bixby, OK, Claremore, OK, Dallas, TX, Wentzville, MO, and soon in Springfield, MO.  We offer a complete line of eCigs and carry everything from chargers to custom-made liquids and accessories.  Our store hours are from 8a to 8p Monday thru Saturday and from 10a to 6p on Sundays.

We feature eGo type e-Cigarettes.  The ecig consists of basically 2 pieces, a rechargable battery, and a refillable tank.  We carry a full line of ecig kits, batteries, tanks, accessories, and eliquid. We strive to provide you with the highest customer service and quality vaping components.  For a better idea please visit our products page.

We are dedicated to helping smokers quit tobacco.  We know the vaping world can be quite confusing and we are commited to helping you find the right selection based on your current tobacco intake.  We realize the vapor market is clogged with different products.  If you know you want to try vapor, but are not sure what you need, come in and let us help you.  We will explain, in detail, all the different choices available.


Flavor Testing Station

We realize that all vapers (people who smoke ecigs) have a variety of flavor tastes.  We currently offer 60 choices of flavors in 5 different nicotine strengths (24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, and 0mg).  We can custom make flavors if what you like is not on our list.  I was a strong cigar smoker so I like our smooth tobacco blend with a drop or two of coffee added.  Our complete list of flavors can be found on the product page.